Easily Outbid Your Competition And Consistently Win More Contracts With Razor Sharp Pricing Skills 
How To Profitably Bid And Estimate Cleaning Services
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Three Big Problems That Are Most Likely Killing Your Bidding Success
First Big Problem
Not Figuring For All Building Areas
 Failure to correctly identify all building area types and sizes
Second Big Problem
Using Inexact Labor Estimates
  Unskilled at calcluating the true time it takes to do the tasks
First Big Problem
Poor Accounting For Actual Costs
Inability to accurately figure all related costs & make a profit
Your Competition Is Getting Tougher By The Day, 
And Your Buyers Are Becoming Smarter Every Year,
But The Real Problem Here Is ... 
How To Stay Ahead Of Them ... 
Move From Disaster To Master With 3 Success Skills
Success Skill #1
Take Accurate Building Inventories
   You'll master the professional ways to measure area types, identify the items to clean, and assign the proper contract frequencies. 
Success Skill #2
Estimate Competitive Labor Hours
  With a good building inventory we'll show you how to accurately estimate the right number of hours to quickly perform the work and delivery quality results.
Success Skill #3
Build Your Winning Bid Prices
You'll discover the process to create accurate costing. Finally deliver a price that beats the competition, delights customers, and makes you a good profit.
Increase Closing Ratio's With A 10 Step Proven Process To Profitably Bid & Estimate Cleaning Contracts
Honestly, the real enemy here isn’t the competition or the prospect.

 It’s you, not having and regularly using a proven method in your bidding and estimating to get consistent results.

Your survival in the long-term hangs on being skilled enough to accurately evaluate hours, cover your overhead, and build in the right profit contribution on every proposal you submit.

There are no tricks or secrets. The formulas and methods for a reliable estimate remain exactly the same no matter if you are bidding a bank, office building, factory, school, hospital, skyscraper, restaurant or corner retail store.

This complete  virtual master class clearly shows all the information and formulas behind available bidding software. 

So now you have your very OWN software using free Google Spreadsheets or Microsoft Excel, based all on your own costs and training methods.

 No more guessing, no more pricing "accidents" because this course shows every step so you know exactly what to charge (and how to tweak your price when necessary). 
Discover What Works From The People Who Really Know 
This Master Skills Development Class Is Built Off Of Ed Selkow's Highly Successful Book

How To Profitably Bid & Estimate Cleaning Contracts

What's NEW Is That We Have Assembled A Team Of Industry Professionals To Guide You Through The Material, Expand On Topics, And Answer Any Questions You Might Have.

Upon Purchasing This Course You Are Gaining Access To Over 120 Years Of Combined Knowledge, Experience, And Success
Ed Selkow
Has built and sold a multi-million dollar cleaning company. In addition to that has generated hundreds of millions in new contracts for national companies as a C-suite executive and years of private consulting
Sharon Cowan, CBSE
Has built and sold a multi million dollar cleaning company . She has helped many others do the same over the decades as a private Coach/Advisor/Skills Develoiper to cleaning service companies
Mark Anderson
Has built and sold an eight figure facility services company. Over $100,000,000 of contract services sold in 40 years of business. Developed five branches all over a million dollars in annual revenue
Inside Your Virtual Master Classroom Is Everything Necessary To Start Bidding And Winning Immediately
  • Ed's 44 Page Easy Reading "How To Profitably Bid & Estimate Cleaning Services, 3rd Edition"
  • 5 Chapter Modules Each With Their Own Chapter Print Out, Slide Deck, And Video Lesson 
  • 10 Step By Step Videos That Tie Together The Whole Process So You Have No Loose Ends
  •  Ed's Specialy Designed To The Point Poduction Rate Chart To Get You Going Quickly
  •  A Detailed Action Check-List  For Initial Building Surveys So You Ask All The Right Questions
  •  Access To A Private, Members Only Group Where You Can Ask Questions And Get Critiques
  •   No-Nonsense Approach That Can Have You Producing Pro-Bids in as little as 6 Hours
Learn On Your Own Schedule
We get it, you are busy running your company which can make it difficult to attend meetings, travel, or even a live webinar. So the entire skills development course is online and accessible whenever the time is right for you.
Don't Miss Your Opportunity To Become A Pro Estimator
Imagine your total peace of mind being confident of what to charge whatever you are bidding
  •  Janitorial
  •  Floor Or Carpet Care
  •  Pressure Washing
  •  Any Other Cleaning Service Offered Now Or In The Future
But the craziest thing we’ve seen working with business owners over the past 2 decades is that a good majority fail to understand the importance of correctly pricing their services to win and make money.

PARTIAL EXCUSE LIST: "don't have time", "not big enough",
"too expensive", "it's too hard"... etc

So we wanted to make this an easy decision and accessible to as many of our social networking group members as possible.

This price is only going to remain at $197 for 30 days or until we reach our first 100 members ... Which ever comes first.

DISCLAIMER: There is a self serving reason we are offering this special pricing. Since this is the first version of the course we want to get your testimonials for future reference also suggestions on improvements we can make.  
Not Only Is There Special Pricing Just For Group Members
But Let Us Show You How To ...
Make $1,000 Return On Your $197 Investment  In One Year, From Just One Sale!
Here Is How The Math Works Out...
Companies Invoicing Under $1.5 million/year, on average, make 40% gross operating  margin (GOM)
Make just one $1,000 /month recurring contract sale
Your New Revenue $1,000 x .4 = $ 400/month (GOM) 

Overhead Contribution of $300/month

Net Profit to you 10%=$100/month
A 12 month $1,000/ month contract= $1,200 net profit contribuiton

$1,200 -$200 (course investment) = $1,000 made on a $197 investment

You are just one click away from forever changing your path to growth and profitability.

 If only a $1,000/month does that, just imagne what an additional ten or twenty times that $1,000 could do for you and your business. 
Seriously, how much are you willing to lose This Year by not knowing and using these PRo skills today?
The Janitorial Growth Solutions
"Don't Go It Alone"
We'll Work Along Side You Because Your Success Is Important To Us
If you have not earned your entire investment ($197) by the end of your first 3 months send us all of your  bids from the last 90 days and we'll review them with you. In addition to that we'll help you do your next bid up to $1,000/month.
Ed Selkow
Sharon Cowan, CBSE
Mark Anderson
Oh Yeah ... We Almost Forgot To Mention
Act Now And Get These 2 Bonus Items!
These Reports Were Produced By Janitorial Growth Solutions For Special Live Broadcasts And Were Only Released On A Limited Basis!
  Must Know Principals For A Succesful Cleaning Business
 Lead Generation & Prospecting, Bidding & Estimating, Proposal Writting, and Presentation & Sales Strategies
How To Avoid Common Pitfalls When Entering Cleaning Business Relationships
Whether You Are A Sub-Contractor Or A Prime-Contractor This Check List Was Created To Keep Your Business Protected And Out Of Trouble And Stay Profitable
So What Are You Waiting For?
 winning and keeping profitable customers is Crucial and Essential. to do That you Must have professional level bidding and estimating skills.
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